Shhh…Mama Said Be Quiet!


“Shhh …Mama said Be Quiet”!

How to Meditate & Create Positive Thoughts

“Shhh…Mama said be quiet”!   How often have you heard that from mama — for me, pretty often.  I guess I used to run my mouth all the time…you know, busy being busy… busy asking questions…busy trying to figure things out.

Even as I write this blog, sitting here getting an oil change at 7:30 a.m., I want to say to the gentleman sitting across from me “shhh…mama said be quiet”! Actually, that’s the g-rated version of what I’d like to say.  He has talked nonstop to another customer from the time I walked in the front door.  He’s an example of how when we get started, we keep going and going and going.  Our lives have become so hectic now.  Think about it – we’re getting up early, to go to work early, to eat lunch early, to get off early, to get home early, to prepare dinner early, to help the  kids early, to go to bed early, only to do it all over again the next day.  Our hectic lives never afford us the time to shhh…be quiet and enjoy being still.  Our spirits, our souls, our inner beings are whispering sweet somethings to us and we simply don’t hear it.

On this journey to wholeness, I decided I needed to shhh and get quiet like mama use to say.   I’ve been running on fumes day after day and you know what happens when the needle hits the “E” .

Funny how I’ve often blown Meditation off because I believed it was yet another “thing” I had to try to squeeze in on an over booked scheduled already. Meditation is a much-needed practice with all the chaos around.

Meditation = positive thoughts!

We’ve become wired and driven to negativity. We are taking everything in through our five senses – our hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.  Becoming overwhelmed starts in the mind because of the abundance of thoughts, some necessary and some not so much.  So how do we meditate?  Do we close the blinds, cut the TV and radio off, sit Indian style, sprinkle charcoal on our heads and start breathing aloud?  Well, according to the Meditation Museum of Silver Spring, Maryland, the answers are within. There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  They suggest you do what resonates with you.  Meditation doesn’t focus on breathing, its purpose is to clear the mind of the thoughts not needed.  Eventually concentration and focus will come naturally as the practice of meditation becomes consistent.

So then the real question becomes how do we create positive thoughts? Let’s look at 3 simple steps:

  1. Start and end each day on a positive note – read a scripture or passage from a positive book, or do a guided meditation (plenty of free meditations can be found on the world wide web).
  2. Fit it in. The Meditation Museum suggest taking 20-30 seconds to pause or stop and think a positive thought or send well wishes to a loved one. My personal favorite meditative thought: Thank you God for supersizing my life and giving me more than my expectations!
  3. Create positive visualizations – see yourself transform. Use your imagination to create a vivid image of how you want things to be in your life.

And if those three ways to create positive thoughts aren’t enough, check out the benefits of meditation and having consistent positive thoughts and energy to seal the deal:

  • Creates peace & clarity
  • Improves mood
  • Creativity increases
  • Happiness increases
  • Intuitiveness increases
  • May improve health such as stress reduction, more restful sleep, and lowered blood pressure

You see, whatever you think creates a fragrance, a vibration. If someone comes in contact with you, they’ll either love your fragrance and stay around or turn their nose up and move on.  Your fragrance has the power to influence.  Your fragrance helps you to love like never before!

Mama knew something I didn’t know as I was growing up. She knew that if she could get me to be quite, I would be out of her hair for a few minutes but also she discovered — she could find solace and peace from the chaos that was around her.

Thank you Mama for telling me to shhh…be quiet!

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Pics were taken during my visit to the Meditation Museum, Silver Spring, MD.


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