cmh-prof-picJab, Jab, Right Hand, Knockout and the winner is…

Cynthia Marie Henderson is a certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she studied hypnotherapy, transformational coaching, and holistic nutrition extensively. Cynthia is no stranger to wellness having been obese most of her adult life and dealing with challenges that sometimes accompany obesity. It was in 2001, she declared to the universe “she wanted to live!” And so it was.

Her journey to wellness began with gastric bypass surgery. Losing nearly 200 pounds but gaining a significant portion of the weight back, she then looked to more conventional weight loss programs on the market. Failed methods and a second gastric bypass 4 years later led her to a gym in her neighborhood.  She immediately noticed that everyone looked like she did – not that pencil thin epitome of health she often encountered at other gyms which made her shy away.  She hired a dynamic personal trainer who inspired her, kicked ass often and later became her boxing coach.   Soon thereafter, she discovered the missing piece–eating better, eating live foods.  A search on the internet lead her to green smoothies, juicing, raw foods and then the pieces started to come together. She’s an avid lover of dark green leafy vegetables like Swiss Chard and Spinach; but, in particular, Kale. Cynthia is known to say “eat some Kale or please don’t kale my vibe”!

Cynthia was born in Washington, DC. She is single, no children, and is the crazy auntie to several nieces and nephews.  She currently resides in Maryland.

Cynthia would love to assist you on your journey to wholeness, wellness and authenticity. She doesn’t believe one size fits all in the wellness world, she believes one size fits 1.  For your customized protocols, Contact Cynthia at WHOLElisticallySpeaking, LLC at 301-928-4041.