Dats a Boo Boo!

WOmans best friend, Four Reasons to Get a Dog

I fell madly in love the first time I saw him! He was dark with floppy ears and huge eyes that made my heart melt every time he looked my way.  He was about 9 weeks old.  I brought him home early August 2007, and decided to name him August.  Yes, the name fit him perfectly!  I remember all so well driving him around everywhere I would go.  We hung out allot at Baskin Robbins.  That was our spot –August in one hand and my favorite Cookies n Cream ice cream (double scoop in a waffle cone) in the other hand.  What more could a girl ask for?

August helped me to understand love, unconditional love. I don’t have any kid of my own; but a bond indescribable was established between August and I much like a woman who births a baby.  Every day, I looked forward to him waking up and whining (telling me it’s time to get up).  Funny thing, I really believe he was telling me, “It’s time for me to pee and if you don’t hurry up and open the back door, I’m going to do it right here in your bedroom.”

And on those days I didn’t move fast enough and he would “accidentally” use the bathroom in my bedroom or near the back door, I’d fuss, cuss, and still love on him as if he never did a thing. What was more interesting was seeing August rub up against me, try to lick me, or jump on me after I ranted and raved while cleaning up his mess.  By the way, August was a Cane Corso and by no means was his “accidents” baby size.

The one thing I never took into account was that August would grow up. Fast forward 6 months, he went from a baby in size to a full grown man, approximately 150 pounds!  He started taking on my temperament.  He was real laid back.  He moved around the house quietly most days.  When I came home from work in an uproar, he would get in an uproar also.  When I came home happy and chipper, he was just as happy and chipper.  And on those days,” dat was a boo boo”!  Oh my goodness, when I walked through that door and said, “hey, dats a boo boo, dats mommy’s boo boo August would lose his mind in excitement and my world was alright!  Ladies, that’s why dogs can be a WOman’s best friend and I’ve uncovered four solid reasons you MUST get a boo boo:

  1. Dogs are super affectionate and loyal. No matter what, they love unconditional. A wagging tail or a butt/body rub against your leg brings a sense of joy.
  2. They are cute, loveable, and a huge boost to a woman’s’ ego. You’ll never catch them whispering you”look fat in that dress”.
  3. Dogs are good for your health. According to the American Heart Association, having a dog can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase happiness. Playing with and petting your dog increases dopamine levels in the body associated with our pleasure centers.
  4. And if you’re single, they can certainly help ward off a bad choice in men. Because they have a keen sense smell and are watchful, they can alert you to anything rotten coming in your direction.

August went on to fur baby (dog) heaven a couple years ago, but; his memory lives on in my heart. Yes, it was PAWsome having a dog.  My entire life changed when he came and when he departed.

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